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Sri Sri Brahma-samhita Prakasini Illumination

Prior to its discovery by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Brahma-samhita was not propagated in India as was the transcendental treatise Srimad-Bhagavatam previously expounded in the forest of Naimisha.

Om Vishnupad Srila Sachchidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakur

Lord Brahma meticulously collected (compiled) this Gem, Sri Brahma-samhita, which is a vast mine of Perfect Conclusions or siddhanta; thus did Brahma sing the unending Glories of Sri Krishna. These Holy Prayers are entered into the fifth chapter of the Book. They are the Supreme Wealth of humanity. On His travels throughout South India, Sri Gauranga, the ocean of Grace and supreme friend of the souls surrendered unto Him.  

[ excerpt to preface to his Bengali translation and commentary of Sri Brahma-samhita]


 Sri Brahma-samhita chapter 5


Sri Krishna Syamasundara


Bs 5.27
atha venu-ninadasya
trayi-murti-mayi gatih
sphuranti pravivesasu
mukhabjani svayambhuvah
gayatrim gayatas tasmad
adhigatya sarojajah
samskrtas cadi-gununa
dvijatam agamat tatah


Then Gayatri, mother of the Vedas, being made manifest, i.e. imparted, by the divine sound of the flute of Sri Krishna, entered into the lotus mouth of Brahma, born from himself, through his eight ear-holes. The lotus-born Brahma having received the Gayatri, sprung from the flute-song of Sri Krishna, attained the status of the twice-born, having been initiated by the supreme primal preceptor, Godhead Himself.


The sound of Krishna's flute is the transcendental blissful sound; hence the archetype of all Veda, is present in it. The Gayatri is Vedic rhythm. It contains a brief meditation and prayer. Kama-gayatri is the highest of all the Gayatris, because the meditation and prayer contained in it are full of the perfect transcendental sportive activities which are not to be found in any other Gayatri. The Gayatri that is attained as the sequel of the eighteen-lettered mantra is kama-gayatri which runs thus: "klim kama-devaya vidmahe puspa-banaya dhimahi tan no 'nangah pracodayat". In this Gayatri, the realization of the transcendental pastimes of Sri Gopijana-vallabha after perfect meditation and the prayer for the attainment of the transcendental god of love are indicated. In the spiritual world there is no better mode of endeavor for securing the superexcellent rasa-bedewed love. As soon as that Gayatri entered into the ear-holes of Brahma, he became the twice-born and began to chant the Gayatri. Whoever has received the same Gayatri in reality, has attained his spiritual rebirth. The status of a twice-born that is obtained in accordance with one's worldly nature and lineage, by the fettered souls in this mundane world, is far inferior to that of the twice-born who obtains admission into the transcendental world; because the initiation or acquisition of transcendental birth as a result of spiritual initiation is the highest of glories in as much as the jiva is thereby enabled to attain to the transcendental realm. [Source: Bhaktivedanta Vedabase Online]


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